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The core technology of Anapa Biotech A/S is the proprietary Twisted Intercalating Nucleic Acid (TINA) molecules. TINA is a family of novel molecules increasing the thermal stability of antiparallel duplex helixes e.g. for enhanced PCR primers, as well as triplex helixes and quadruplex helixes.

The aim of our research and development is to enhance the performance of natural nucleic acids in target amplification assays as well as hybridization utilizing the generic TINA technology across a range of diagnostic applications.

Based on the TINA technology we have developed applications for Real-time PCR, End-point PCR and a novel technology for Multiplex PCR with solid phase detection named the Cliffhanger Technology.


Future potential of nucleic acid intercalators

The objective of the technology is to minimize turnaround time of diagnostic procedures and increase sensitivity and fidelity of quantification. Furthermore the technology enables complex PCR multiplexing as well as utilization of crude sample material. The generic nature of the technology allows application in a broad variety of research and diagnostic applications, i.e.:

Specifying human and veterinary diagnostics

Within a broad range of clinical specialities such as molecular pathology, molecular genetics, pharmacogenetics, forensic sciences and infectious diseases allowing patient specific treatment, drug dosage and preventive medicine.

Improving food and feed quality and safety

Allowing consistent and sensitivity detection for specific targets in the presence of considerable amounts off-target sample material.

Environmental surveillance

Allowing heavily multiplexed assay for sensitive and specific target detection in complex sample materials.

Scientific research

When sensitive target amplification methods are needed.