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Events in 2017 Anapa has attended

Here You will find information on events, Anapa Biotech has attended in 2017.


The 4BIO Summit

December 3-4, London

Poster presentation: MeltPlex® Multiplex PCR

at Conference Event: qPCR & Digital PCR, in position q8


The 13th Annual Meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society

September 24 -27, Bordeaux, France

Oral presentation: Triplex Forming Oligonucleotides (TFOs) LNA-containing: in silico and vitro Studies, Y. Vladimir Pabon-Martinez, MSc, PhD, Karolinska Instituttet (see publication)

in session 1: Nucleic Acid Chemistry


European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) 2017

May 27 - 30, Copenhagen, Denmark

Poster presentation: MeltPlex® Multiplex PCR (Poster P14.060D)

in the session: Section P14 - New diagnostic approaches, technical aspects & quality control


Molecular Diagnostics EU 2017

April 10 - 12, Lisbon, Portugal

Poster presentation: MeltPlex® Multiplex PCR

in the session: Main Poster Session


qPCR, dPCR and NGS 2017

April 2 - 5, Munich, Germany

Poster presentation: MeltPlex® Multiplex PCR (poster 80)

in the session: PO1: Main Poster Session